no description needed

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we’ll finally become david bowie


we’ll finally become david bowie





*pretends im adjusting myself when spooning but really trying to rub my ass on your dick and give you a boner lol*

wait do girls really do this?

As much as we can


Y’all are the devil

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Someone just pointed out to me how Anne Frank and Martin Luther King JR. were both born in the same year, but most people associate them as being in complete different points in history.

This blew my mind

holy fucking shit

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“don’t be shy” thanks u cured me

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i am 20 and in love and under the covers waiting to get better. i am sick. coughing and sniffing. i have to go to uni to sign a paper and turn it in. it’s about personality psychology and attachment theories. how the connection is between styles of attachment in adults and their personalities. i really like psychology. i have my first exam in a week and a half so i need to start revising. won’t be too difficult to though. i am under the covers now though to get better first. i am alone and i can feel it. im lonely. the absence is not my friend. i don’t really have any friends anymore. im not a good friend because im too anxious and insecure, but im working on it. slowly. but right now this bed just feels really good and warm and cozy. a little empire of sheets and duvets i can control.


Bro come on just tuck me in bro you know I can’t sleep unless someone tucks me in man