some muggleborn like “i want to be an astronaut when i grow up!”

wizard kids like “wtf is an astronaut”

"oh you know…the people who go to the moon"


tumblr giveaway of thirty iphones my mom bought me. i just have so many iphones i’m giving them away. also a gold watch. i also have four brand new macbook pros lying in my house i’m giving those away too. also one of my kidneys. and $312.56 in cash. must be following me and fourteen of my closest internet friends. i’ll check. u have until four months in the future so u forget that i started this giveaway and don’t get suspicious when u don’t hear of anyone winning.

The Cure’s Disintegration VHS Edits (1/2)

marco has given up

marco has given up

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I like when someone becomes a part of your daily routine. It’s nice to talk to someone who wants to talk to you just as much without anything feeling forced.

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i love BDSM


i love Big Dog So Much

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